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Punjab Kesari (पंजाब केसरी), Delhi is the leading Hindi Daily of the Capital.  Over the years with a circulation of  more than 4 lacs copies per day &  5 lacs copies of Sunday, it has very strong popularity and readership in the States of Rajasthan, Haryana, UP, Uttranchal, MP, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, Bihar, Gujarat etc. besides Delhi.

In view of constant demand of the readers, the printing of the newspaper has also been started from Jaipur and the title “Rajasthan Punjab Kesari” has gained unprecendented popularity in the State of Rajasthan, Twenty Page paper covering various districts is the only newspaper giving news of Rajasthan in totality in detail besides National & International News & Event.

The reading material supplied by its main newspaper combined with Magazine Section published daily, caters to the need of readers of all classes irrespective of their social, economic profile and the age. The Magazine Section depending upon the day of the week gives information on all aspects of life i.e. education, religion, sports, health, entertainment, films, hollywood, bollywood etc. This has resulted in its wider acceptability amongst all classes and masses.   It is the first language newspaper to have started its magazine in colour and also first one to have started CTP (Computer to Plate) system enabling direct exposing of printing plates from computers.  The credit for State of the Art, Technological development and installing best available systems, entirely is attributable to its Director Sh. Aditya Chopra.

The great freedom fighter and the nationalist Late Lala Jagat Narain, founder of the newspaper, always took a bold editorial stand against the terrorists and separatist elements in Punjab and the price paid by him for this was his assassination by terrorists on September 9, 1981. After the death of Lala Jagat Narain, his elder son Shri Ramesh Chander,  took over the reins as the Chief Executive of the Company and the Chief Editor of the Publications. Late Shri Ramesh Chander carried on the crusade against the terrorists and separatist forces with a bold editorial policy, which the newspaper is credited with till date. On 12th May 1984, Late Shri Ramesh Chander also fell to the bullets of the terrorists in Punjab.

Sh. Ashwini Kumar, succeeding his grandfather and father, as Head of the Group of Newspapers has been carrying on this ancestral legacy with added vigour, unrelenting and unbending in the face of gravest threats issued to him by militant outfits operating in Punjab and J & K etc., including receipt by him of “death warrant” issued by militants.

Punjab Kesari group of newspapers by publishing editorials of Sh. Ashwini Kumar on the front page has given a lead and new direction to the newspaper industry and probably are the first to publish editorial on the front page.

Sh. Ashwini Kumar has not been deterred at all and is continuing relentless crusade against terrorism with full verboseness, which is reflected in his editorials published in the newspapers.  His editorials reflect a bold editorial stand against the terrorists and separatists element.

The editorials based on facts give analysis of all what has happened in the past, developments at present and give a farsighted vision for the future.

His writings can safely be attributed to his wisdom and knowledge which is deep rooted.

Sh. Kumar’s editorials are appreciated for their free, frank and fearless clarity of views and expression.  Not only this, the editorials published have in many cases given a direction to the THINK TANK of India’s policy makers, bureaucrats and politicians.

The study and analysis of National scenario in its wider perspective, Terrorism, Indo-Pak Relations, Pakistan & India’s Policies, their behaviour and attitude have been the issues of great concern for him.  His comments/ observations and insight of the role of America and Britain are eye opener and should help the power that be for better understanding.   The readers at large get benefitted and educated helping in the development and growth.

An amiable personality Sh. Ashwini Kumar is a great philanthropist and is actively associated with large number of social organizations.  His wife Mrs. Kiran Sharma Chopra following the traditions of the family, has devoted herself for development and growth of senior citizens and recognition of their rights and the place they deserve in the society.  For the purpose, she established an organization “Varishth Nagrik Kesari Club”  with the motto and mission which has 19 branches all are India Delhi, U.P., Haryana, Rajasthan, Haryana and there in village.

क़दमों की धूल नहीं माथे की शान”,

“Not the Dust of the Steps but Glory of the Forehead”, to which she is fully devoted and dedicated and is propounding the same.

As a devout champion of senior’s rights for their upliftment and a cheerful living, she is working hard to maximize Varishth Nagrik Kesari Club’s efforts in areas of moral, cultural and social development besides health. She has written books also.

Not only this, the blood he has in his veins, his sons Sh. Aditya Narain Chopra , Sh. Akash Chopra and Sh. Arjun Chopra are following the footsteps of there father with a strong and bold pen.

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